Identification file

Identification file

Phyllaphis fagi (Linné, 1767)

2.0-3.0 mm.

Apterous: yellowish to pale green, covered with wooly wax
Frons with prominent medial tubercle
Antennae shorter than body
Cornicles in the form of a ring
Cauda knobbed

Phyllaphis fagi : fiche d'identification

Phyllaphis fagi © Encyclop'Aphid


Alate: yellowish to pale green, covered with wooly wax, (if this is removed abdomen  appears with or without streaks)
Frons with medial tubercle prominent
Antennae pigmented with 6 long segments and short processus terminalis (1)
Abdomen marked with weak streaks, also marginal sclerites (2)
Cornicles jn form of rings (3)
Cauda dark, knobbed (4)
Wing narrow with veins extremely fine (5)

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