Identification file

Identification file

Phorodon humuli (Schrank, 1801)

Apterous: body elongate, pale green with a dorsal longitudinal stripe darker (1). Frontal tubercles highly prominent, digitate and straight (2)
Antennae shorter than length of the body (3) with segment I prominent (humped) (4)
Abdomen devoid of dorsal pigmentation
Cornicles pale, long and cylindrical (5)
Cauda long and triangular

Phorodon humuli : fiche d'identification

Phorodon humuli © Encyclop'Aphid

Alate: dorsal patch dark
Frontal tubercles prominent and straight (less pronounced than in the apterous form) (6)
Antennae same length as body (8) with segment I prominent (humped) (7), segment III with numerous small rhinaria, some also on IV
Abdomen with patch dentate and perforated (9)
Cornicles weakly pigmented, long and cylindrical (10)
Cauda light to slightly pigmented, triangular (11)

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