Identification file

Identification file

Myzus (Nectarosiphon) ascalonicus Doncaster, 1946

1.1-2.4 mm

Apterous: olive tone, dirty yellow or slightly pinkish with abdomen glossy and bulging
Frons with frontal tubercles prominent and weakly convergent (1)
Antennae long, fine and arcuate (2)
Cornicles clavate shaped, with uniform pigmentation (3)
Cauda small, triangular (4)

Myzus ascalonicus : fiche identification

Myzus (Nectarosiphon) ascalonicus © Encyclop'Aphid 

Alate: dark with dark dorsal patch and wings with veins broad, dark (anal and pterostigma)
Frontal tubercles prominent and weakly convergent (1)
Antennae dark with edges thickened and deformed by the presence of numerous rhinaria on  segments III (5), IV and V
Abdomen increasingly pointed towards posterior, abdominal patch trapezoid (6) and may be divided into stripes. Marginal sclerites pigmented. Ventral side bears dark sclerotized patches distributed in pairs
Cornicles swollen, clavate, with uniform pigmentation (3)
Cauda short, triangular (4)

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