Identification file

Identification file

Myzocallis (Agrioaphis) castanicola Baker 1917

1.6-1.7 mm

Apterous (from larval stage to stage N4): yellow to whitish
Antennae short, ringed at articulations (1)
Abdomen covered with long numerous hairs (2), abdominal spots arranged in pairs (3)


Myzocallis castanicola : fiche d'identification

Myzocallis castanicola © Encyclop'Aphid


Alate: yellow with paired pigmented spots on abdomen
Antennae shorter than length of body, dark (4), except basal half of segment III near rhinaria
Frons  with a pronounced medial ocellum (5)
Head and prothorax with a dark medial longitudinal stripe (6)
Abdomen with pigmented spots in pairs (7), sometimes reduced in extent and intensity, also large marginal sclerites present (8)
Cornicles uniformly dark, tapered and conical (9)
Cauda knobbed (10), anal plate bilobed

Wings with tips of veins broadened (11)

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