Identification file

Identification file

Dysaphis (Pomaphis) plantaginea (Passerini, 1860)

1.8-2.4 mm                           

Apterous: globular, dark olive green or vinous pink, covered with white to dusty greyish apect
Frons flat or slightly sinuate
Antennae shorter than length of body (1)
Abdomen without pigmentation, occasional presence of tubercles  on segments VII and VIII (2)
Cornicles black, gradually thinning from base to tip and end in a small fine flange (3)
Cauda slightly pigmented and triangular (4)

Dysaphis plantaginea : fiche d'identification

Dysaphis plantaginea © Encyclop'Aphid

Alate: abdomen with dark patch perforated at end
Frons flat or slightly sinuate
Antennae equal to length of body, with numerous small deforming rhinaria (5) on segments III (52-80), IV (13-40) and V (0-10)
Abdomen with dark discal patch perforated at the end (6)
Cornicles black, cylindrical with light-colourd collar (7)
Cauda  pigmented, short and triangular (8)

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