Identification file

Identification file

Dysaphis apiifolia (Theobald, 1923), Dysaphis crataegi (Kaltenbach,1843), Dysaphis foeniculus (Theobald,1923)

The morphological characters cannot help distinguish these three closely related species: Dysaphis apiifolia (Theobald, 1923), D. crataegi (Kaltenbach, 1843), D. foeniculus (Theobald, 1923).

1.4-2.6 mm

Apterous: yellowish grey, with strong pruinosity, a reddish brown zone at base of cornicles
Frons flat or slightly sinuate
Antennae shorter than half length of body (1)
Abdomen with a few small sclerites (2) and three dark stripes on last abdominal segments (3)
Cornicles black, slightly conical (with base a little broader than apical part) (4), two times longer than cauda
Cauda slightly pigmented, short and pentagonal (5)


Dysaphis crataegi : fiche d'identification

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Alate: yellowish, abdomen with large dark patch
Frons flat or slightly sinuate
Antennae equal to 2/3 length of body, with numerous deforming rhinaria on segments III, IV and V (6)
Abdomen with dark discal patch (7)
Cornicles black, two  times longer than cauda
Cauda short and pentagonal      

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