Identification file

Identification file

Chromaphis juglandicola (Kaltenbach, 1843)

1.5-2.6 mm
Aphid yellowish to whitish; all parthenogenetic adults are alate
Larva and nymph:
Antennae short with processus terminalis very short, darker (1)
Abdomen covered with numerous hairs, sometimes small spots present arranged in pairs (2)
Cornicles short and light-colored (3)
Cauda knobbed

Chromaphis juglandicola : fiche d'identification

Chromaphis juglandicola © Encyclop'Aphid

Antennae short, ringed at articulations (4) with processus terminalis very short (5)
Abdomen light, sometimes with 2 pairs of dark spots (distributed as in nymph)
Cornicles short and light-colored (6)
Cauda knobbed
Wing characterized by thickening of first parts of wing venation (7)
Hind-femur with a small black spot (8)

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