Identification file

Identification file

Chaitophorus populeti (Panzer, 1801)

2.0-2.3 mm.
Apterous: green or chestnut brown with light spot on abdomen, numerous hairs present
Frons flat, bristly with numerous hairs
Antennae equal to half of body
Abdomen with numerous long hairs
Cornicles short
Cauda knobbed

Chaitophorus populeti : fiche d'identification

Chaitophorus populeti © Encyclop'Aphid

Frons flat, bristly with numerous hairs
Antennae shorter than length of body (1)
Head and thorax dark
Abdomen with broad dark dorsal stripes (2) and highly pigmented marginal sclerites (3), ventral side shows sclerotized 5 stripes
Cornicles short, cylindrical and dark (4)
Cauda knobbed and slightly pigmented (5)
Tibia III black with rhinaria (6)

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