Identification file

Identification file

Chaetosiphon fragaefolii (Cockerell, 1901)

0.9-1.8 mm

Apterous: small, yellowish white, almost translucent, bearing capitate hairs
Frons strongly sinuate with medial tubercle strongly pronounced, marked by presence of capitate hairs (1)
Antennae equal to length of body with processus terminalis long (4- 5 times base of VI)
Abdomen without pigmentation, bearing small tubercles topped with capitate hairs (2)
Cornicles cylindrical, fine and pale, curved slightly inwards (3)
Cauda broad, smoothed off at tip (4)

Chaetosiphon fragaefolii : fiche d'identification

Chaetosiphon fragaefolii © Encyclop'Aphid

Alate: green with abdominal patch trapezoid
Frons with medial tubercle strongly pronounced, also distinct capitate hairs
Antennae dark, slightly longer than length of body, segment III bearing 17-30 rhinaria,  on IV less than 10 and processus terminalis long and fine
Abdomen with abdominal patch light, trapezoid  and showing small tubercles
Cornicles fine, straight and pigmented
Cauda short, pointed and pigmented

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