Identification file

Identification file

Calaphis flava Mordvilko, 1928

1.9-2.7 mm
Apterous: aphid light green to yellow with long hairs
Antennae pale with articular sutures darkened
Abdomen with long hairs
Patellae and tarsi darkened
Cornicles short and light-colored
Cauda knobbed,  bilobed anal patch present.

Calaphis flava : fiche d'identification

Calaphis flava © Encyclop'Aphid

Alate: similar to apterous but with hairs shorter
Antennae long and fine, with alternate light and dark coloring (1)
Abdomen light light-colored (2)
Cornicles short and light (3)
Cauda knobbed (4), bilobed anal patch present(5)
Wings marked by dark venation, especially anal vein (6) and by absence of part of radial sector (7)
Patellae and tarsi darkened (8)

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