Identification file

Identification file

Brachycaudus cardui (Linnaeus, 1758)

1.6-2.6 mm

Apterous: globular, yellow green, sometimes tending towards reddish
Frons sinuate
Antennae reaching beyond half length of body (1)
Abdomen with dorsal patch glossy, compact, extending as far as marginal sclerites (2)
Cornicles dark, 2-3 times longer than cauda (3)
Cauda very short

Brachycaudus cardui : fiche d'identification

Brachycaudus cardui © Encyclop'Aphid

Alate: abdomen with a large dark patch
Frons sinuate
Antennae a little shorter than length of body and processus terminalis long (4)
Abdomen with large dorsal patch, glossy and black (5); ventral side with lateral, segmental spots, arranged in pairs
Cornicles straight, dark and medium length (6)
Cauda pigmented, short and rounded (7)

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