Identification file

Identification file

Aphis nasturtii Kaltenbach, 1843

1.3-2.0 mm

Apterous: small, yellowish to greenish with a glossy aspect
Frons weakly sinuate
Antennae shorter than length of body (1)
Abdomen: devoid of dorsal pigmentation (2)
Cornicles slightly conical, pale, only darkened brown at tip (3)
Cauda pale (4)
Legs pale

Aphis nasturtii : fiche d'identification

Aphis nasturtii © Encyclop'Aphid

Alate: yellow to pale green
Frons slightly sinuate
Antennae slightly pigmented, shorter than length of body
Abdomen with marginal sclerites (5) and postcornicular sternites
Cornicles straight, short slightly pigmented (6)
Cauda pigmented like the cornicles and antennae (7)
Legs paler than cornicles

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