Identification file

Identification file

Amphorophora idaei (Börner, 1939) / Amphorophora rubi (Kaltenbach, 1843)

These two species are indissociable using morphological criteria
They deveop on a range of different hosts and are considered as two distinct species.

2.2-4.7 mm       
Apterous: large aphid, green to pale green
Frontal tubercles straight
Antennae equal to or longer than length of body (1)
Abdomen without pigmentation (2)
Cornicles light-coloured, long and swollen on distal half (3)
Cauda linguate (4)

Amphorophora idaei / Amphorophora rubi : fiche d'identification

Amphorophora idaei / Amphorophora rubi © Encyclop'Aphid

Alate: little different from apterous
Frontal tubercles straight (5)
Antennae longer than body,  pigmented except proximal part of III (6), numerous rhinaria on III (less than 50  for A. idaei, more than 50 for A. rubi), no rhinaria on IV and V, processus terminalis very long (7)
Abdomen without pigmentation (8)
Cornicles long and swollen on distal half (9)
Cauda linguate (10)

Species file : Amphorophora idaei

Species file : Amphorophora rubi

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